Super easy to make this citrus forward sour cocktail is an oldie but a goodie! 

The Blake Norton

Awhile back I had a contest and the prize was a drink created for and named after the winner. The Blake Norton was born. 5 different kinds of booze with fresh squeezed lime and orange juice, The Blake Norton baby!

Hotsy Totsy

It tastes orangey, a little sweet, sour and aromatic, a well balanced cocktail.  Perfect for hangin' with your Tomato.  This drink is the Cat's Pajamas, the Bee's Knees. It's berries man, mighty fine Giggle Water.

Cafe Diablo

Devilishly delicious it doesn't get much better than this. Citrusy, spicy, hot and boozey coffee that'll warm the cockles of even the Devils heart!

Widow's Kiss

The Widow’s Kiss is a beautifully rich cocktail and a strong libation which is perfect for the colder months ahead, fall turning to winter.  The drink has a long herbal finish with just a slight hint of apple.  It’s sweet and complex, just like a Widow’s Kiss.

Pumpkin Ginger Martini

Pumpkin spice lovers this is the drink for you!

Pumpkin Radler

Smells like pumpkin pie! Here's a drink I created for Oktoberfest.

Apple Knocker

This one's a Bruce Original! Cinnamon, apples and everything autumn. This is a must try!

Sex on the Beach

Somewhat tropical and easy to make, it's fruity, citrus forward and sweet. It can be built or shaken and it's best when served on the rocks.

The Godfather

A spirit-forward cocktail stirred and served on the rocks. Super easy to make, it's a strong drink perfect for late afternoon and evening. 

My Naked Pleasure

Sweet orange and sour lemon round this well balanced cocktail out with just a hint of vanilla and ginger.  Even though it’s strong with alcohol there’s no bite to this soft and flavourful cocktail.  It’s absolutely delicious.

El Pirata Colada

It's creamy, fruity, sweet and smooth.  Not too strong tasting even though there's 3 oz. of alcohol in it.  Easy to make, this light coconut-y cocktail is perfect for a summer afternoon get together with your Pirate friends - as good as "Pirate Booty" gets.

Sweet Tart Cider

A little sour and a little sweet! The perfect sumer cocktail!

Blue Hawaii

The Blue Hawaii is a refreshingly sweet tropical delight with Pineapple juice taking centre stage.  The alcohol burn is masked by the flavours of fresh citrus.  This brilliant blue cocktail is a tempting treat just right for a summer day in the sun – what a great poolside cocktail.

Hemingway Special

  A medium strength, fruity/citrus forward somewhat tart cocktail that when shaken over ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass becomes a smooth, sweet and sour pleasure. Papa would approve of this tropical delight.


 Fruity and citrus-forward this drink is both sour and sweet. Served on the rocks this refreshing tropical cocktail is easy to make. A strong afternoon libation with a base spirit of Cachaça. Yeah baby! 

Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

Not too sweet, fresh Blueberry puree mixed with Lemonade, Elderflower liqueur, Gin and Sparkling wine makes this tasty summer refreshment a real thirst quencher - adult style… perfect for a hot summer day.

Mango Tango

If you're a mango lover this is definitely the drink for you! It's creamy, luscious, fruity and amazingly delicious, try it!

America... @#%$ YEAH!

If you're serving friends this July 4th, try making some of these. Your guests will love them. They're sweet and full of American Bourbon. Happy 4th of July!

The Great Canadian, Eh?

If you love boozey slushies this is the drink for you! Each layer has a different taste that is sure to please.

Sangria Blush

Sangria! Perfect for when company is over. Make it before hand and serve. That way you don't have to play bartender. We're making a lighter, Blush version, along with a darker red, single serve shaken version!

Blood & Sand

Spirit forward and sweet. It's a classic served straight up! Medium strength, definitely an evening cocktail. Great for dads!

Brown Derby

A true classic. It's fruity, citrus forward and a little sweet and sour. So good. Try it! 

Key Lime PIE Cocktail

I had so much pie left over from our Coconut Key Lime cocktail episode that I wasn't gonna eat. So i figured, what the hell, let's stick in the blender and add booze. Turns out it was actually really good! I think I'm onto something... blend it with booze! 

Coconut Key Lime

Just like the pie but better! This version of the cocktail blends flavours of vanilla, coconut, and pineapple. It's a real creamy delight!

Wet Passion

It's a girly girl drink (no offense to the ladies). It's light, refreshing, hypnotic and alluring!

Cockeyed Colada

A refreshing fruity citrus cocktail with a sweet finish. Super easy to make and perfect for a sunny afternooon.

The Cool

The Cool is refreshing, not sweet and will definitely cool you down on a hot day.

Strawberry Ginger Martini

I made this one especially for Mother's Day. It's a little strong with a prominant taste of strawberries and ginger with a hint of fresh basil.

Purple Prince

Paying tribute to a legend. The sweet and sour blend of pomegranate makes this drink a little tart and refreshing. Because the ice cubes are made from pomegranate juice the drink won't dilute! Truly fit for a Prince.

Bahama Mama

Ahh the Bahama Mama... you have to add this one to your summer drink list! Here I've included 3 takes on the classic cocktail, all equally delicious. 

Butterball Baby

Here's a tasty butterscotch  treat in the form of a shooter! Almost looks like a beer with a frothy top- but it's not, it's better!

Twisted Orange

This Bruce original is deicious, refreshing, and orangey! It goes down easy with a wonderful blast of refreshing orange and leaves an herbal rosemary aftertaste.

French Pearl

Here's a Bruce Original that features 3 of the loveliest French liqueurs. Combined they make this beautiful and tasty, French Pearl.

Creamy Bunny

This one is rich, creamy, and chocolatey!

Cream Egg

If you love cream eggs this is the shooter for you. Tastes just like the real thing!

Br'er Rabbit

A delicious cocktail that isn't just for Easter! Kinda tastes like a chocolate orange, so good!

Irish Eyes

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Today we celebrate with an Irish Eyes cocktail. A creamy whiskey wonder. Cheers!

Irish Marsh

For a drink I created off the cuff it sure is tasty! It's a little potent but has a well balanced taste of strong with sweet and sour, and a little limey!

Green Lacey

Paddy's week continues with the Green Lacey shooter. This is a good one you'll have to check it out!

Shamrock Smash

This cocktail is refreshingly potent. It's minty fresh with a slight sourness making it harmoniously well balanced.

Irish Flag

It's St. Paddy's week here at Bar Talk & Cocktails and we're kicking it off with an Irish Flag shooter. Cheers!

Lemon Drop

This shooter is super easy to make and only takes two ingredients. Be careful though it's sour!

Swedish Berry

Here's a shot that's berry-licious, Swedish Berry-licious to be exact. Tastes just the like candy!

Black Raspberry Martini

A martini in a flute glass..what!? This ain't no regular martini, it has champagne in it and is pretty poten. Potent but good!

Rob Collins

This drink is a modern version of a Tom Collins. It has St. Germain liqueur, which is a fruit spirit made with elderflower and sugar cane.

Citrus Lime Splash

I just love creating wine coolers! Here's my Citrus Lime Splash, it's refreshing and tastes amazing!

Pornstar Shooter & Cocktail

The Pornstar shooter is the perfect party shot. It's a little sour and oh so delicious. The cocktail version is pretty amazing too!

Orange Pear Splash

Another one of my Bruce original spritzers, always a crowd pleaser!

Bazooka Joe

This one's called a Bazooka Joe because it tastes just like bubble gum. But it's better because there's alcohol!

Juicy Strawberry Splash

Here's another Bruce original wine sprtizer. Refreshing and oh so lovely.