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Cafe Diablo: Halloween Part 2

What you'll need:

- 1 long strip of Orange rind

- 1 long strip of Lemon rind

- Whole Cloves

- 2 tsp. Cane sugar (you can use any sugar)

- Splash of water

- 3 tsp. crushed Cardamom Pods

- 1 broken up Cinnamon Stick

- 2 slices of Orange

- 4 oz. Brandy

- 2 oz. Grand Marnier

- 1 oz. Cointreau

- 1 oz. Amaretto

- Black Dark Roast Coffee


1. Start by peeling the orange and lemon. You're gonna wanna try to peel the orange/lemon continuously without the peel breaking, it just looks cooler when the rind is super long. Next pierce the two strips together with a fork.

2. Stud the orange and lime rind strips with whole cloves and set aside.

3. In a hot chaffing bowl or sauce pan add the sugar and water and stir it until it dissolves.

4. Grind up the cardamom pods, break up some fresh cinnamon stick and toss it in and stir.

5. Next add in some orange pieces and then add in your studded orange and lemon rind.

6. Time to add in all the booze and keep stirring! Mix in all the flavours together for about 10 minutes. You want it to simmer- do not bring it to a boil. Be sure to coat the orange and lemon rind real good.

7. Light it on fire! CAREFULLY ignite the mixture in your chaffing bowl or sauce pan. Lift out the studded rind pieces with the fork and ladle the mixture over top the rinds creating the rising flame action. BE CAREFUL!

8. Next discard the orange and lemon rind- make sure it's not still flaming!

9. Ladle your fiery mixture into a coffee cup, fill it only half way and again- BE CAREFUL

10. Fill the remainder of the cup with black dark roast coffee.


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